January 20, 2012

Hints & Locations

1. S & N Designs
    Hint: Find the numbers.. and you may just get a prize!

2. [dirty.little.secret]
    Hint: Come Watch The Sunset With Me

3. ** KFP & SHG Photography **
   Hint: My love will not wilt as this does...

4. Hot Stuff
   Hint: im gatcha!!

5. Zibber's Designs
   Hint: Keep your grappling paws off me!

6. Les Sucreries de Fairy
   Hint: I love dancing with skulls :)

7. Burlesque Lounge
   Hint: everything could happen behind a divider

8. Love Zombie
   Hint: Kicking it old school with this accessory.

9. Tienda de Textura
   Hint: My teddy bear will help to mend my heart

10. Static Clothing Co.
   Hint: Basket weaving

11. @->~ InSpired Designs ~<-@
   Hint: A cold wind blows
          The sky grows dark
          You've drawn first blood
          And left your mark

12. ..:: Ginny's Gestures & Creations ::..
   Hint: It's easy =)

13. O.C Designs
   Hint: Close to One of The Venders

14. Swine & Roses
   Hint: Check Hunt Board

15. Retro'
   Hint: green to breathe

16. AmAzInNg CrEaTiOnS
   Hint: is there out there still christmass?

17. FAR Concepts
   Hint: A brutal love affair is nearly Nefarious.

18. The Treasure Chest of Design
   Hint: Watch out that first Step is a Doozey!

19. VIPs Corner
   Hint: Its valentine time..so find me there...

20. Incendia Campfires
   Hint: I hope my wish comes true this time

21. X-Clusives Animations
   Hint: When love's been unkind you may feel such a grouch
              So sit down and rest on a HANDY COUCH

22. BelDimi Gestures
   Hint: Check Hunt Board

23. Void
   Hint: Check Hunt Board

24. The Little Bat
   Hint: Love is brutal...and can get so bloody messy...

25. Urban Chic Couture
   Hint: Whats that? A hat? Crazy Funky Junkie Hat?

26. The Elegant Goth
   Hint: "Insults will get you nowhere" he said.

27. ;;; CERO STYLE ;;;
   Hint: Check Hunt Board

28. TigerLady's Designs
   Hint: Search for the new Boots

29. Cop~A~Squat
   Hint: "A dark angel guards your release.  Seek the end to find the beginning."

30. ::.Riddlebox.::  ***SKIP***
   Hint: The plants need to be watered!

31. =BoS=
   Hint: "Hey driver! I think you dropped your razor blade!"

32. Thorns & Petals
   Hint: Check Hunt Board

33. Grumble
   Hint: Plant your heart and watch it grow.

   Hint: Check Hunt Board

35. Fierce Designs
   Hint: Lets go Retro!

36. !LooP!
   Hint: You see the JAM?

37. [AhMuSeD XpresNz]
   Hint: I showed Cupid how Brutal Love can get

38. [Revenant]
   Hint: It's upstairs and in someone's mouth

39. Background Check Textures
   Hint: All this hunting is tiring me out.....time for a nap!