January 20, 2012

Hints & Locations

1. S & N Designs
    Hint: Find the numbers.. and you may just get a prize!

2. [dirty.little.secret]
    Hint: Come Watch The Sunset With Me

3. ** KFP & SHG Photography **
   Hint: My love will not wilt as this does...

4. Hot Stuff
   Hint: im gatcha!!

5. Zibber's Designs
   Hint: Keep your grappling paws off me!

6. Les Sucreries de Fairy
   Hint: I love dancing with skulls :)

7. Burlesque Lounge
   Hint: everything could happen behind a divider

8. Love Zombie
   Hint: Kicking it old school with this accessory.

9. Tienda de Textura
   Hint: My teddy bear will help to mend my heart

10. Static Clothing Co.
   Hint: Basket weaving

11. @->~ InSpired Designs ~<-@
   Hint: A cold wind blows
          The sky grows dark
          You've drawn first blood
          And left your mark

12. ..:: Ginny's Gestures & Creations ::..
   Hint: It's easy =)

13. O.C Designs
   Hint: Close to One of The Venders

14. Swine & Roses
   Hint: Check Hunt Board

15. Retro'
   Hint: green to breathe

16. AmAzInNg CrEaTiOnS
   Hint: is there out there still christmass?

17. FAR Concepts
   Hint: A brutal love affair is nearly Nefarious.

18. The Treasure Chest of Design
   Hint: Watch out that first Step is a Doozey!

19. VIPs Corner
   Hint: Its valentine time..so find me there...

20. Incendia Campfires
   Hint: I hope my wish comes true this time

21. X-Clusives Animations
   Hint: When love's been unkind you may feel such a grouch
              So sit down and rest on a HANDY COUCH

22. BelDimi Gestures
   Hint: Check Hunt Board

23. Void
   Hint: Check Hunt Board

24. The Little Bat
   Hint: Love is brutal...and can get so bloody messy...

25. Urban Chic Couture
   Hint: Whats that? A hat? Crazy Funky Junkie Hat?

26. The Elegant Goth
   Hint: "Insults will get you nowhere" he said.

27. ;;; CERO STYLE ;;;
   Hint: Check Hunt Board

28. TigerLady's Designs
   Hint: Search for the new Boots

29. Cop~A~Squat
   Hint: "A dark angel guards your release.  Seek the end to find the beginning."

30. ::.Riddlebox.::  ***SKIP***
   Hint: The plants need to be watered!

31. =BoS=
   Hint: "Hey driver! I think you dropped your razor blade!"

32. Thorns & Petals
   Hint: Check Hunt Board

33. Grumble
   Hint: Plant your heart and watch it grow.

   Hint: Check Hunt Board

35. Fierce Designs
   Hint: Lets go Retro!

36. !LooP!
   Hint: You see the JAM?

37. [AhMuSeD XpresNz]
   Hint: I showed Cupid how Brutal Love can get

38. [Revenant]
   Hint: It's upstairs and in someone's mouth

39. Background Check Textures
   Hint: All this hunting is tiring me out.....time for a nap!

December 30, 2011

Prize Previews

Burlesque Lounge

[dirty.little.secret] male

[dirty.little.secret] female

Background Check Textures

Fierce Designs


The Little Bat

Tienda De Textura

Amazing Creations

S & N Designs

Incendia Campfires

O.C Designs

VIP Corner Female

VIP Corner Male

Zibber's Designs

December 18, 2011

Vender Rules & Applications

Rules For Hunts:

1. All prizes must be fitted for the hunt theme... This one being the Lucky Leprechaun Hunt... it must be something dealing with St. Patrick's Day.

2. If you cannot commit to the hunt and stick with the hunt during the duration of the hunt please do not apply. I understand RL situations occur and emergency's happen, but there is no reason to join a hunt if you do not think you can stick with it.

3. If you do not have your stuff ready by the time line provided.. you will be warned once. If you do not correct the issue, you will be removed from the hunt.

4. If for any reason you have to leave the hunt or move your store.... PLEASE send a NC to Scarlettia Yheng letting me know you have to leave/move. There is no reason a hunter, who wishes to enjoy a hunt, should have to contact me asking why this store doesnt have their sign up... or why the store is no longer there.

5. You must get the hint NC to me by time... if you do not wish a hint on the blog PLEASE send me a NC stating this... but the hint must at least be in the board.

6.  Below is the time line, please follow this closely:
        Feb - 5th - 20th - Accepting Applications
        Feb - 23rd - Hints turned In & All Boards should be up
        Feb - 24th - First Walkthrough to check boards & Dummy items
        Feb 27th - Hunt items should be in place and ready for Hunt beginning
        Feb 28th - Set items for sale
**** ANY of these rules are broken you can be subject to being removed from the hunt. We do not wish venders to join the hunt unless they are fully committed to staying in the hunt for the full duration ****

Please rename the NC to LLH Vender App - (Store Name ) - (Your Name)

1. Your Name ( Full SL Name):
2. Display Name:
3. Store Name:
4. Can you make a prize to fit the hunt's theme?
5. Can you follow the time line provided in the rules of the hunt?
6. Any ideas on your prize you may make for the hunt? If so, what is it?
7.LM for Shop:
8. SLURL for shop:
9. Logo for Shop (if you want your shop advertised on the blog):

Please Send this application to Scarlettia Yheng once completed. If accepted you will be invited into the Twisted Insanity Hunt group, if you are not already a part of it. Thank You!
                                    - Twisted Insanity Hunt Co-Ordinators

1. S & N Designs
2. KFP & SHG Photography
3. [dirty.little.secret]
4. Ginny's Gestures & Creations
5. Background Check Textures
6. AhMuSeD XpReSnZ
7. Cannigham Creations
8. Formal Affair
9. Brent's Book Nook
10. ..::RO!ACT::.. DESIGNS
11. T R I D E N T
12. Grumble
13. Xclusives Animations
14. Les Sucreries de Fairy
15. E.One